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Forever 21 in New York City

English Bulldogs Conquer America

Old English Bulldogs

Importation of English bulldog in the Americas began long before the advent of bulldogs in Europe — in the 16 th century. Bulldogs first settled and spread on the territory of modern Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

In the first half of the 18th century saw an increase in immigrants from England to the United States. The Bulldogs have become a real versatile working tool, which was used as the guard and hunter. The genetic material of the future American Bulldog breed was formed on the basis of English bulldog.

The English Bulldog

The Breed of the American Bulldog became interested researchers only in the 20th century, through the merits of dog handler John D. Johnson. Researchers claim that the Old English Bulldog is a direct ancestor of the American Bulldog, since they have great similarity in the exterior, character and habits.

The American Bulldog was presented among the dog handlers only in the 80s of the 20th century , and in 1999 he was recognized as a breed of dog in the United Kennel Club (UKC). Despite this American Bulldog was not recognized by the International Canine Federation (FCI).

Breeding and promotion of English bulldog in the U.S. carried out very intensively , the Americans developed their standard of the English bulldog. A first true English bulldog that ticked U.S. territory became a five-year brindle white male Donald (presented to the public at an exhibition in New York City in 1880 by its owner, Sir William Werner).

True English Bulldog

For a long time breeding bulldogs in America is rather simple: from the UK to the US delivered the true English Bulldogs, they mingled with each other, sometimes to produce offspring. The purpose of this was the desire of endless victories in numerous exhibitions and competitions in the US cities.

Over time, the bulldog acquired the status of the most elite dog in NYC. Politicians and public figures may seek approval from the masses, demonstrating their commitment to this breed of dogs. English Bulldog by the end of the 19th century takes the strongest position on the numerous exhibitions and tournaments of dogs.

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Architecture of NYC
I Love New York!

I Love NYC Architecture!

Throughout the first 200 years New York City followed Europe in architectural styles. Throughout XVIII and XIX centuries the basic architectural tendencies of the NYC architecture traced the European traditions. But with occurrence of skyscrapers, the New York City architecture has gone the own way. First the US nation in own way adapted Adam's neoclassical style: were building small square houses. For example, in architecture of the City Hall federal style is combined with the French Renaissance.

The New York City's Architectural Style

The New York City Architecture

Throughout XIX century rough sandstone which was extracted in a nearby valley of the Connecticut river and on river banks of Hackensack (New Jersey) was the most widespread and cheap building material in NYC. Small apartments from this material can be seen in all residential areas of New York City, the best are in Chelsea Area.

Hostels were building for the immigrants arriving during the period since 1840th years up to the First World War. The most amusing architectural forms have been thought up by resourceful architects to disguise unsightly water towers so necessary for a city on roofs of houses.

The Legendary Skyscrapers of NYC

Skyscrapers of NYC

In the XIX-century the NYC's architects brought the contribution to the world architecture by wide application of pig-iron — it was cheaper than a stone or a brick. It was possible to produce in advance separate elements of a facade. Today in New York City the greatest in the World concentration of the facades executed from pig-iron. The best samples are constructed in 1970th years in historical area the Soho.

The World Trade Center till September, 2001 was the highest. The Center has been executed in the style of «a glass box», eternal memory to all victims of this perfidious act of terrorism.

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