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National September 11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

On September, 11th 2011 was open the NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL.
Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001 have strongly changed the world in which we live. The terror attacks became the reason of the beginning of several wars, and the world after them became much more closed and supervised.

Memorial Complex, New York, Architectural Plan

Memorial complex in New York
10 years have passed from those tragic events, and just now on a place of the towers will be opened the 9/11 Memorial, in day of decade of tragedy, in minute when the first plane ran into the first tower of the World Trade Center (NYC, Manhattan).
Memorial, New York
The American-Israeli architect Michael Arad became the main developer of the project of this memorial complex. Mr Arad has suggested to create two pools on a place of the fallen off towers, thus the pools will be bordered exactly with the base of towers.

NYC, Manhattan, 9/11 Memorial

Memorial pool
Memorial 9 11
9.11 Memorial New York

Besides pools, the structure of this memorial complex will include also a museum building where it will be possible to see the information on building of the World Trade Center, its functioning throughout decades and its the very tragic final...

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