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Eco-friendly Exterior by Bates Masi Architect
Montauk NYC

Montauk, New York City

Architectural studio «Bates Masi Architect» has executed design of country residence the Pryor in Montauk, New York.
The house is located on one of hills in Montauk and has a magnificent view on Atlantic ocean. Architects have departed from typical planning and have executed the project in the form of several areas with various functions. Huge glass doors open a drawing room, a dining room and kitchen to a spacious hall.

The Eco-friendly Residence on Atlantic Coast

Montauk New York City
Country residence in Montauk
Eco-friendly materials
My drawing room
The house includes system of natural heating and the cooling of based on Eco-friendly technologies and materials.

Eco-friendly Exterior by Bates Masi Architect, 8 out of 10 [based on 167 votes]

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