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The Oldest NYC Bus Terminal
Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York

Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York, Manhattan

Not all the buildings in NY are a masterpiece of architectural art, some of them, on the contrary — anti-masterpieces. For example, Port Authority Bus Terminal building (PABT) in New York is a very bad architecture. However, recently it has received the new face — because on PABT was opened the world's largest media-screen.

Bus Terminal, New York City
Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT)
Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York
Bus Terminal in New York City

Bus Terminal in New York City

This huge angular screen has been placed on the building of Port Authority Bus Terminal located at the corner of 42nd street and 8th avenue on Manhattan (New York City). This five-floor building has been constructed in 1970th years, and since then was considered as ugliest constructions in New York and the United States of America in general. But after its modernization the port for certain will lose this bad status.

Light emitting diode screen

Large Screen on Manhattan

557 sq. m. light-emitting diode will very strongly change external shape of the Bus Terminal. Henceforth two hundred thousand the persons using daily this most visited building in New York, will cease to jump at the sight of its facade.