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Three New York City Days...
Summer Streets in New York

Summer Streets, New York

New York — one of the greatest cities-giants of the world where number of cars exceeds an admissible limit! But the city authorities struggles with this problem. For example, by means of «Summer Streets» completely forbidding cars on NYC streets into certain days.

NYC's Billboards

Manhattan streets
NY's billboards

New York, despite the status of a mega-city and glory of the city-monster, becomes more and more directed on the person and on its requirements. Sometimes even to the detriment of requirements of a city. As example for this statement it's possible to speak about the new park equipped on an old railway platform on Manhattan. The Summer Streets also is created to make a city more "green", and life of people more comfortable and sated.

New York streets

The essence of this initiative — the authorities of New York completely block off automobile traffic on seven central New York streets in the center of Manhattan at some o'clock on Saturdays (this year the Summer Streets drops out on 6, 13 and 20 August, giving to pedestrians and bicyclists more freedom). And on all New York's billboards publish info about the Summer Streets. Besides, on streets of Manhattan it will be possible to hire absolutely free of charge bicycles and rollers, to be trained in dances, yoga, gymnastics.

NYC taxi

The Summer Streets is the summer events. But the large quantity of people and the organizations demand from the city authorities of New York to spend also Winter Streets, Autumn Streets and Spring Streets.

New York City

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