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The Heritage of New York
The Plaza Hotel, Central Park, NY

The «Plaza» one of the oldest and favorite hotels in New York declare about joining to Historic Hotels of America (HHA) — this program which has been created in 1989 by National Trust for preservation of a historical heritage of the USA (National Trust for Historic Preservation).

New York, The PlazaThe Plaza hotel was opened for the first time on October, 1st, 1907 and was at that time the greatest hotel of the World. In 1978 the Commission of preservation of New York City has given to hotel the special status which equates the hotel to national historical sights.

The Legendary NY Hotel

At various times in this hotel have ordered an apartments for the kings, presidents, artists, movie stars, sportsmen, musicians, businessmen...

Every day, many travelers from every corner of the Globe reserve the apartments for a personal holiday. Among owners of the hotel were Sr Donald Trump and Mr Conrad Hilton.

The Plaza Hotel in NYIn a damage control which 3 years lasted (since 2008), was been invested $450 million. Since 1999 the Plaza Hotel are completely under control by the «Fairmont Hotels and Resorts».

My NY's Past Spirits

A historical hotels represent not simply exclusive hotels. Having occupied one of their apartments, it's possible to feel wholly spirit of that time when they have been constructed.

But for a status of the historical hotel of USA — a hotel needs to prove the status. The main criteria of selection the following: a hotel should have not less than 50 years of the history, and a hotel should be included in the National Register of Historical places or to have the historical importance.

Today the Association of Historical Hotels of the USA unites over 235 hotels, and it's considerable enough part of the International tourism.

The Plaza, New Yor City

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