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New York

The city is not only an architecture and a people, it's a large quantity of factors which remain in memory with those who once will visit New York. For example, in each city it's possible to feel a unique cocktail of smells. Thus, the «New York, Phew York» book tell about smells of New York. And, it is possible not only to read, but also to inhale the aroma!

Airport, New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY

Some time ago the Plaid Company has created an unusual map on which has designated all «green innovations» of New York — new places with gardening, shops where sell the natural products, an under construction branch of underground and many other things. But Amber Jones has gone another way — he created a map of smells of New York (created this map as the book for children).

Hotel, NY

The Plaza Hotel, NY

The writer has worked many years in one of the New York hotels. And constantly the author answered questions of lodgers about where it's possible to find in a city the best pizza, the best batch, the best coffee etc. And he always specifies the place, and then adds: «And further... — go on a smell!» Because the New York smells' is one of sights of the city! The holiday insurance policy of New York recommends to avoid the Brighton Beach area, China Town, Brooklyn districts (a high crime rate). Thus Johns also has decided to share the knowledge of a city and its smells with wide audience.

New York City


The book plot is based on a trip of the little boy with parents to New York. The boy walks across NY, goes down to the underground, comes into good restaurants, coffee houses, eats doughnuts and a pizza, faces night life of a city, gets on the Central Park and to dirty districts. And a reader of the «New York, Phew York» can not only look at images of all these places, but also feel their smells. For this purpose will enough drag a finger to certain sites on the «scratchiness pages».

West Side, NY

West Side, New York

In total in the book will be thirty various smells (a main characteristics of New York): a pizza, hot dog, smoke, bagels, garbage, water drain, horse manure, fish, coffee and many other things which, together with your travel insurance — give to confidence in the Big City.

Downtown, NY

Cost of one copy of the New York, Phew York (by Amber Jones created, illustrated by Tim Probert) — 35 US dollars.

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