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An Occupied Streets of New York City

The Legendary Habitant of NYC

A rat is the most prevalent pest in New York City. The rats are considered the most mysterious animals with a developed psyche. They were born 48 million years before man and always accompany it. Rats are omnivorous and very tenacious: they can reproduce at a large drop in temperature, from 9 to 45°C. Rat has a great reproductive potential.

The rats - an animal highly organized and able to live almost anywhere. Rats inhabit basements, attics, sewer and underground areas of New York City. But as intelligent creatures, rats prefer the cozy comfort and therefore — the apartment houses and food stores of old NYC — a favorite places of the rats. Pest control in Queens saved in the memories of a many bloggers (I remember that the most serious local residents used hayfork and hatchets to protect their homes from an invasion of the giant rats).

Big NYC rats Giant rat from New York City Rat in NYC

The Giant Rats In New York City

The rat is a carrier of infectious diseases, and therefore represents a real threat to human health. In addition, rats cause considerable economic damage (destroying food and causing damage to industrial products).

Destruction of rats in the industrial and public areas of New York City should be conducted monthly. Destruction of rats carried out simultaneously in all areas of the object and the surrounding territory, inhabited by rodents. One way or another pest control should not go beyond humanism, so I strongly recommend to use the superior environmental pest solutions.

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