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Who's up for an ICEE?

I know I could use one right about now. It's still soooo ridiculously hot here in Louisiana. It doesn't usually start to feel like fall until around October. A slushy, frozen, Coca Cola flavored treat is required to help cope. They of course have various flavors, but I always go for Coke.

Funny factoid about Louisiana people: We call every soft drink a "Coke."
Say you are at a party and someone asks you, "What would you like to drink?"
If you're a Louisiana redneck you might say, "I'll just have a Coke. That's fine."
"What kind do you want? We have Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Coke."
"Dr. Pepper's good. Thanks."
Weird right? We also for the most part have a strong dislike of Pepsi products. Oh, and don't call it "pop" or "soda pop" that's just not right. Lol

Base colors are polish and details are acrylic paint.

freehand, inspiration, nail art, red, and more:

Who's up for an ICEE? + teal