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Incoco Wear Test - Application

Hi guys! So I'm preparing to leave for my trip to Los Angeles! I'll be gone for about 5 days, but don't worry I have plenty of posts scheduled in the meantime. I thought a vacation would be a great opportunity to test run some Incoco Nail Polish Strips. I found these at a mall kiosk in Dallas TX. I took the opportunity to give the girl my blog business card ;) And she offered to sample a nail strip as an accent nail on top of my existing manicure. I then purchased a set to review for here! It cost $18 for the design I got. Now that I look at where they are on the website and cost only $9.99... I feel robbed. Lol.

This design is called Gilded Couture, and it's part of the new fall collection called Cobra Couture.

It comes in 2 seperate packs. The french tip design strips and the clear strips.

Each different sized strips looks like this with 2 french tips per size.

Maybe you can see the seam better here now that I've removed one.

You start with clean naked nails. The strips apply a lot like Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips. Just peel off the backing and line it up where you want it. Smooth any wrinkles and file off the excess. My nails recently got trimmed to nubs after moving heavy luggage for my Dallas trip... So I placed the strips a little lower than my natural smile line.

It's a really nice fall appropriate design. And neutral enough to go with several of my L.A. outfits.

This is how many strips I had left after finishing both hands. Side note - I have large nail beds and normally my thumbs are too wide for standard strip sizing, and I usually can't wear the smallest size because it's only half the size of my pinky. These Incoco strips worked great for me though, biggest size was perfect for my thumbs and no wasted tiny baby strips. :) These extras can be sealed in an airtight bag and kept for later use if you like.

Then the clear strip layer.

You get 16 total clear strips

My first thought was that they would be slightly pink toned to enhance the french aspect, but no they are perfectly clear. Almost like putting saran wrap on your nails.

It adds a nice shiny glow, just like topcoat. These strips are made so that you don't have to apply any base coat or topcoat. They are made of nail polish so they remove with acetone.

Sizing on the clear strips was perfect for me as well. Just 6 strips left over at the end.

In comparison to the Sally Hansen Strips, I found Incoco to be much thinner and slightly easier to apply. The SH strips being thicker makes it easier to pull it back up and reposition if necessary, Incoco I'm afraid would probably tear.

So I plan on wearing these for a while and giving them a wear test. I'll be sure to post an updated final verdict.

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Incoco Wear Test - Application + wear test