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So I'm totally digging Big Lots after today. I heard some bloggers talking about getting their hands on Revlon Perplex (dupe for Chanel Paradoxal/Barry M Dusky Mauve, etc) for cheap at their Big Lots. It took me awhile to finally get to mine cause it's in a run-down part of town that I only seemed to pass when it was late and dark. I'm a big chicken, so I went today at one in the afternoon! And it was fabulous because I found it!

I bought the only two they had because they were $1!!!!! At first I couldn't find them. I searched all the duo packs of Revlon and they were no where to be found. :( Then I moved down the isle some and happened to look up at the shelf over my head and there was a little bin with some polishes. I climbed like a monkey until I could reach it and pulled the whole thing down. There they were! Sitting amidst the Paint & Peel polishes I'll show you in a bit. Just these two bottles so they're mine, ALL MINE! I had to restrain myself to keep from doing a victory dance in the middle of the store.

I couldn't catch the pretty shimmer with my camera, but I'm sure you've probably seen pics of it before.

You wanna see what else I found there?

A duo pack of the scented Revlons. I got Ocean Breeze and Bubble Gum. Then this different polish that I've seen on blogs before but never seen here around town. Sula Paint & Peel in Horizon.

Here is Revlon Ocean Breeze:

A nice teal color, but a tad too frosty. It was the most difficult to work with, hard to hide the brushstrokes. That sort of thing. I compared it with a few others that were close. Left is Wet N Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost, it is a near dupe so it doesn't make sense to have both unless you just love the color and the novelty scent. I included Orly's Halley's Comet because I feel like its a glitter cousin to Ocean Breeze.

As far as the scent goes... I have no idea what it smells like! I can't put my finger on it, and apparently no one else can either. I checked around some other reviews and nobody could describe it. The smell does remind me of being at the beach, but that could be attributed to the psychology of me already knowing what the label says. Lol. I don't know, it just smells "fresh."

Revlon Bubble Gum:

This I got because of the crazy neon pinkness. It's nice and opaque. I was afraid it would have that gross generic pink bubblegum scent, but instead it smells exactly like "watermelon bubblegum" to me! So I was impressed by that little twist. I think it's a great color.

Sula Paint & Peel Horizon:

This is two coats. It is water based so the formula is different than regular polish. It has a weird finish that isn't very smooth. I'm sure that you wouldn't be able to tell with a topcoat. It is nice and opaque though.

The bottle says to "avoid contact with hot water for four hours." So I immediately went to the sink and turned the hot water on to see what would happen. It rolls up and rubs off with a bit of pressure.

The other instructions say "peel off when desired." So I tried that too.

It stretches and peels like I imagine latex paint would. It doesn't come off all in one sheet like I had hoped. :(

If you wanted it to last a long time, it states to add Sula's Lasting Love Topcoat (but I suppose any brand would do). The bottle also says that "no polish remover" is needed, but polish remover does work very easily to remove it.

Lastly, I picked up a trio pack of Maybelline Colorama's for the flakie beauty in the middle.

Would you like to guess how much all of these cost me? 8 bottles of polish.
That evens out to about $1.50 per bottle! That's insane, I'm definitely going to check them out again in the future.

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