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Suggested by several. You know who you are! Please excuse my laziness, I don't feel like sifting through the comments to give you proper credit at the moment. It's almost 5am and I still haven't been to sleep yet. I guess its a good thing that I work nights and I can sleep all day tomorrow? today? before going to work. Whatever. Here are the Dilbert nails I came up with. Sorry about missing the index in the tutorial pics. I had the idea of that one in my head already and before I knew it, I'd finished it with no pics. :( I realize now that the tabs of his collar should be a bit bigger, oh well. It's been one of those nights.

Hehe, I didn't give enough room to fit all of the Dilbert logo on my thumb. "DILBER" just wasn't good enough.

I swiped back over the letters in red, waited for it to dry... Then repainted the letters. This time allowing room for the entire name ;)

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Dilbert + white