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OPI Black Spotted Over Neons

By now maybe you've heard there is some clamoring over a new OPI polish. It's called "Black Spotted" and has only been released in French Sephoras. No plans that it will come to the US or anywhere else in Europe. :( If you have a random connection to a relative or friend in France, have them track this down for you! Or you can choke down a steep price on eBay. It's a must have.

It's a twisted type of special effect top coat, almost like Crackle, but not quite. It's like oil and water or something... Amazing. :) The effect is immediate and the polish is fairly thin. It dries quickly and has a shiny finish. The instruction tag says to apply in a THIN coat. I had to play with it before I got it just right. I got the best results when I had just a little polish on the brush, then I applied it to the middle of my nail and swept over the nail a few times. Where normally I apply my polish with just 3 strokes, this time I would have just a little polish and do at least 5 strokes. The little openings start forming immediately, but with a few extra strokes you can get an even and thin layer on before it dries.

And can I just add that it's a BEAST to get off your cuticles. So be cautious to not be too messy. My angled clean up brush had to scrub a little more than normal.

I started with a base of white polish. Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Random blobs of neon polishes. I just used the brush that comes in the polish.
ChG Pink Voltage, Under the Boardwalk, & Ride the Waves.
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening and Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed.
ELF Neon Green.

Then 1 thin layer of Spotted using the method I mentioned above.

When it first arrived in the mail I was wearing GOSH Holographic. So I immediately put it on. I applied it too thick though and didn't get many bubbly formations. :( But you can see it's still pretty awesome!!!

So how do you plan on getting it!? Or do you not like the look at all?

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OPI Black Spotted Over Neons + tutorial