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Born Pretty - Faux Acrylic Bows

This is an interesting product available from Born Pretty. It gives the appearance of sculptured acrylic, but in reality it's a silicone product! The cute looks without having to know how to work with acrylic. (Which I certainly am not experienced in.)
Here I used them over a manicure of Essie Carousel Coral.

I just applied the flexible bows when my topcoat was wet. I did have to hold them down while it dried because the edges wanted to pop up when I didn't.

They are mostly white with coral tinted centers. Some have little bits of the silicone remaining around the edges, it's not a crisp bow. But that is easily resolved with some cuticle nippers because the material cuts aways easily.

Can be found HERE for $17.55 for 500 bows.

Was sent for review by Born Pretty Store. If you're thinking of buying these, don't forget to use my coupon code:

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Born Pretty - Faux Acrylic Bows + product review