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GOSH - Holographic

I am so grateful to Adeline from Pretty Lil' Things for wanting to swap with me. She told me she had something from my wishlist if I wanted to swap. Heck yes. So my package arrived the other day and she managed to find the incredibly rare, holographic, fairy dust that is GOSH Holographic! She also sent me Essie Tart Deco and OPI Ski Teal We Drop from my wishlist. I am so very happy! I immediately slapped on some GOSH Holo to see for myself.

These two pics are in sunlight of course.

Indoors without flash

Indoors with flash

I know some people have said that GOSH Holo was a pain to work with... But I honestly didn't have that many problems. I already had a layer of topcoat over my naked nails (long story, don't ask) so I just applied over that. I keep each coat thin, and tried to not brush over the same spot more than once. I let each coat thoroughly dry (didn't take very long, being a holo) before I applied the next layer. My pics are 2-3 coats, and I didn't have too much trouble with bald spots. I did not apply a topcoat over the polish, so as to not dull the effect. I wore it for many hours and didn't notice any immediate chipping or tipwear. No more than I would expect from any polish that I didn't use a topcoat over...

A comparison of the other polishes I got from Adeline. I wanted to see how close they were to what I already have in my stash. I hate getting dupes because I think it's wasteful.

Left = Essie Carousel Coral
Middle = Essie Tart Deco
Right = China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya

Very similar to Carousel Coral, but lighter and a tad more orange. Worthy of keeping!
Left = Cult Nails Let Me Fly
Middle = OPI Ski Teal We Drop
Right = China Glaze Shower Together

Ski Teal We Drop is very different for me. I normally don't go for polishes this dark. I was influenced by some of you guys who say this is a must have, and had it added to my wishlist. I created a look using this. I'll show that tomorrow afternoon. This post is long enough. :)

Thanks a gazillion to Adeline for making my holographic dreams come true! Any time you'd like to swap again, I'm all for it! I hope you get your package safe and soon!

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