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Is this lipstick a good shade for me?

The thumb is part of an entry for a nail art contest. More on that when she releases the entries to be posted. Of all the nails I had done in different ways, I couldn't bring myself to remove the thumb. It was too cute and needed a mani all of it's own. So I built the rest around it.

The polishes I used are China Glaze Secondhand Silk, China Glaze For Audrey (my frankened shimmer bottle), and Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

The lipstick you may recognize from The Illustrated Nail, I took inspiration from one of their designs. I used acrylic paints for it, so that it would stay flat and not be super thick.

A girl at work then asked me, "What's the deal with just one nail being a color that doesn't match?" And she was almost snippy and mean about it!
So I told her, just as snippy back... "It does match! It all coordinates with my lipstick *showed my thumb* and how have you not noticed my nails before? They've been a lot crazier than this!"

Some people... just don't understand...

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Is this lipstick a good shade for me? + teal