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Have you ever ordered from

I was contacted by them to post a link and potentially review products. I had never come across their site before but was very pleasantly suprised by their prices!

OPI for $6.50
China Glaze for $3.50
Essie for $5.25
Seche Vite for $5.95

I wanted to place a small order to see for myself.

Again, very pleasantly suprised!
The ordering process was very simple and straight forward. I loved that I received e-mail updates with each step towards receiving my order. Email confirmation, payment was received, order packaged, order shipped with a tracking number. I'm neurotic in that I look forward to tracking my packages and watch them getting closer to me. :)

When I received my order just a few days later, I was again impressed by just how well they packaged my order!

Each individual bottle was wrapped in plastic wrap. I can definitely see the benefit of this should there be an accident and a bottle breaks. It would keep the polish from leaking all over the other bottles! Other nail polish distributors could learn something from this. (This means you TransDesign!)

Then the plastic wrapped bottles were lined up nicely and wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap. Nice and snug so that they were not bouncing around.

The bubble wrapped bundle was then in a thin shipping envelope surrounded by packing peanuts.
And that's not all!
Then that shipping envelope was put in a cardboard type shipping envelope addressed to me.

Everything got to me very safely!!!!

I am simply amazed by the care they put into packaging. It was almost frustrating because with each layer I opened, there was another layer! I am so glad that they wrap them in such a way to prevent breakage. Truly a happy customer here!

They did not ask me to do this post, it is just a result of my opinion. :)

I strongly encourage you to check out their site!

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